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No one makes a better waterbed mattress

The only mattress with a Full replacement 5 year warranty.All our seams are on the under side of the bladder for added strength and durability.

We use a high quality fiber in the baffle system, the thickest available.

Buy direct from Mr Waterbed and pay Wholesale pricing cutting out the middle man saving you $ with no reduction in the superior quality of the mattress / bladder.

Manufacturer direct to public.

Click on mattress image and scroll down for complete pricing on all options.

No one makes a better waterbed mattress.

Buy direct from Mr Waterbed and pay Wholesale pricing cutting out the middle man saving you $ with no reduction in the superior quality of the mattress / bladder.

Mr Waterbed soft sided Duet/Twin Mattresses fit all standard twin mattress soft sided waterbeds made in Australia and overseas.

Full 5 Year Warranty, not pro rata

As one of Australia's oldest waterbed company's we strive to make these mattresses to a high standard and keep the costs to an affordable level for our customers to promote waterbeds.

Benefits are;
• Reinforced corner seams
• Thickest vinyl available
• Good Quality fiber content
• Australia wide 5 year Warranty, complete replacement not pro rata.
• Waterbed Treatment included
• Australia Wide shipping
• Genuine unmodified product with the support of one of Australia’s oldest waterbed company’s.

* Custom Sizes Available .

Options explained;
• Full Float, No internal Baffle system, simply an empty mattress.
• 2 Layer, 65% wave reduction or semi wave less
• 3 Layer, 75% wave reduction, stability with a small amount of firmness.
• 4 Layer, 85% wave reduction, firmness with good support.
• 5 Layer, 95% wave reduction, Maximum amount of fiber we can fit into the bed profile.
• 5 Layer with Lumbar, Added extra of a lower back support. Lumbar mattresses only truly work in a 5 layer option as they need the support of the 5 layers to work.

Please note the reason we sell a 5 layer with Lumbar mattress as our most stable is this is the maximum amount of fiber you can put in a bed. Please feel free to call our friendly staff on 1800 124 444 with any questions on mattress options.

We will beat any price on a comparable product, All product is our own brand not relabeled or modified from another company. We do not cut open mattresses, add fiber and glue up other company's bladders and never have, Check the bottom of any mattress you purchase for a long glued on strip before filling a new mattress as you may want to consider returning a modified mattress as this action voids all original makers warranties.


Mr Waterbed Duet Soft Sided Mattresses, 5 year warranty, Reinforced seams

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