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Waterbed Odor Remover $18.00
Waterbed Odor Remover.

An innovative product to remove odor from all types of waterbed mattress.

Waterbed Odor remover neutralizes all odors in waterbed mattresses.

It is important to water treat your bed every 6 months but if you neglect this and an odor develops this is the product you need to add along with a waterbed treatment
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Vinyl Repair Kit $10.00
Super Holding, fast-acting adhesive and vinyl patching material make repairs fast and easy.
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Cap and Plug $9.00
Universal cap and plug to fit all sizes of waterbed mattresses. Standard in a Mr Waterbed, Aqua Advance, Cooroy or Comfortable Waterbed Mattress.
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Waterbed Conditioner $12.00 each
A good water treatment like ours does two things in a waterbed it kills algae and it also conditions the vinyl to stop it going brittle and cracking. We recommend a 6 monthly treatment for the best results as a 12 monthly we have found does not last the distance. The conditioner has a shelf life of over 5 years so bulk buying is economical in postage.

you can order 1 to 6 waterbed treatments as listed the more you buy the more you save on shipping. Pay only $12.00 postage for 6 conditioners shipped Australia wide.
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Bubble Reducer $29.00
Trouble with Air in a Waterbed? Then this is the product for you.

Bubble Reducer helps eliminate air and gas bubbles in a waterbed mattress

Bubble reducer is specially formulated to reduce noisy, gaseous air bubbles in waterbed mattresses

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